In 2010 manufacturers of printed packaging were challenged to comply with the recently introduced Swiss Ordinance for Printing Inks (SR 817.023.21). Here some typical questions that arose in connection with this still incomplete piece of legislation:

  • Is it true that Substances listed as B ‘status’ (unevaluated) in the individual substance lists cannot be used in Packaging Inks?
  • Can printing inks that do not comply with the Swiss Ordinance after April 1, 2010
    be marketed in Switzerland for the printing of food packaging?
  • Are substances listed as ‘A’ status the ‘good’ ones and those listed in ‘B’ status
    the ‘bad’ ones?
  • Will the Ordinance restrict new developments in printing inks?
  • Will new technologies see long delays to full implementation?
  • Does the Ordinance apply to every food contact article?
  • Will the Ordinance kill some ink technologies?
  • How many substance assessments will the Swiss authorities be able to handle
    per year?
  • Is it true that unless an SML for a substance has been set or verified by the Swiss
    authorities then the substance is automatically assigned ‘B’ status (unevaluated)
    and a migration limit of 0.01 mg/kg (10 ppb) must be applied?
  • Is there a link between EFSA activities and substance evaluations and those of
    the Swiss authorities?
  • Is the Annex 6 of the Swiss Ordinance identical to the EuPIA Inventory List?
  • Will Non Governmental Organizations make use of the Swiss Ordinance?
  • Are there substances exempt from being listed?
  • Will the Swiss Ordinance have an impact on legislation in other countries outside
    of Switzerland?
  • How will ‘Not Intentionally Added Substances’ (NIAS) be handled?
  • Printer Originating Question: Can inks in stock that do not comply with the Swiss Ordinance be used in Switzerland after April 1, 2010 for the printing of food packaging?

These questions and more are answered by the Swiss Authorities und the following link:

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